The quickest and warmest getaway in California is easily Palm Springs. Endless pools to sunbathe at, lively restaurants at night, and everything you could dream of in terms of design makes it a sure bet. You can escape into the warm desert, where the sun heats everything up. There’s always a buzz and this hip guide to Palm Springs will show you just exactly what you can indulge in.The Hip Guide to Palm Springs


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The Hip Guide to Palm Springs

The Hip Guide to Palm Springs


  • Direct flights are easily available into Palm Springs airport.
  • 四处逛逛小镇可以通过两种方式做的一种。汽车租赁是非常适合那些希望探索山谷,但如果你是在为在泳池规划,Lyft或尤伯杯容易获得。
  • It’s good to be sure your accommodations have a pool, so you have somewhere to cool off.


  • 到达棕榈泉:位于城市的心脏地带,这间时尚的酒店与事情要做拥挤。随着一个咖啡厅,餐厅,酒吧和冰淇淋店,你从字面上从来没有离开。客房舒适,不会打破银行,这是周末的完美越狱。


Staying at ARRIVE in Palm Springs, California


  • Reservoir: Come here for brunch and find a spot on the patio with a view of the pool, mountains, and palm trees. Their breakfast is to die for, with a menu constantly changing!
  • 起草者:用自来水生啤酒,舒适的食物,以及户外游戏区A酒食。这点是相同的单节到达!
  • 海关咖啡: Come here to get caffeinated in this eclectic, travel-inspired café serving Joshua Tree Coffee beans.
  • King’s Highway:一个放荡不羁的,路边餐馆与Stumptown咖啡豆。这是一个最喜欢为那些希望体验经典,更新晚餐。
  • 鸡和猪:来到这里,享受在明亮的越南裔美国人融合,欢快的空间。有时候线可能会很长,但请相信我,这是值得的。
  • Counter Reformation:“一个圣地大酒”在著名的棕榈泉帕克酒店,其中一家地下酒吧供应葡萄酒和中小板。
  • 车间厨房:一个时尚的,时尚的餐馆与美丽的室外庭院和公用表。多次访问棕榈泉之后,我们终于在这里吃,这是令人难以置信的。
  • 谷仓厨房: Sourced at the local farmers’ markets, the ingredients are freshly served in this beautiful space for lunch.
  • 桁架及绳索:以极大的鸡尾酒和美食沙漠美丽的空间配对。

The Hip Guide to Palm Springs

The Hip Guide to Palm Springs

The Hip Guide to Palm Springs

What to Do in Palm Springs

  • 头向棕榈泉艺术博物馆:多个层的艺术,从现代American, you could spend hours here. Don’t forget to stop in the sculpture gardens too, and Thursdays after 4 pm is free entry!
  • Soar to new heights on the Palm Springs Aerial Tram:就拿在山谷上空兜风,这里远足一些令人难以置信的创新。
  • 以一个建筑之旅:If you’re looking for a dose of mid-century modern, this is the place to be.许多旅行团are available pending what you’d like to see.
  • 乘坐在附近的自行车:一看到镇上最好的方式是骑自行车,和房子是不可思议的,在采取了高峰。ARRIVE包括你住的自行车,让您可以轻松地走出去探索!
  • Shop local:Plenty of boutiques to explore along the main drag, with a favorite being Thick as Thieves for curated goods!
  • 拿起一个仙人掌,探索在穆尔腾的植物园:这是一个必须做的,再加上你知不知道,你可以飞回家的小厂!
  • 打了一个泳池派对:棕榈泉充满泳池派对的参加,像艾斯酒店,仙人掌酒店,并到达!这里的20 other things做棕榈泉!
The Hip Guide to Palm Springs

The Hip Guide to Palm Springs

The Hip Guide to Palm Springs

The Hip Guide to Palm Springs


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