Whether this is your first time in Asia or your second, this first-timer’s Taipei travel guide will show you all that there is to discover. Taipei is a sprawling city and with so much to see and do, you could get lost down the lantern-stringed streets for hours.The First Timer's Guide to Taipei


There are so many things to do in Taipei, so take a look at where to say in Taipei and use this travel guide to help plan your trip!

The First-Timer’s Taipei Travel Guide

The First Timer's Guide to Taipei


  • Taipei has a great international airport that is easily reached with many direct flights. Landing in Taoyuan International Airport, you can take the shuttle bus (U-bus) to the Taoyuan High Speed Rail station to access Taipei Main Station. Pre-arranged transfers with a hotel is also advised.
  • Once in the city of Taipei, the MRT (metro) is easy to use. Be sure to get an Easy Card at a Seven Eleven to use for easy entry into train stations.
  • 在悠游卡是你最好的朋友,因为你可以使用它的火车,公共汽车,在7-11连出租车购买食物。这就像他们当地的信用卡。
  • Cash is king here and though most nice restaurants and cafes will accept credit card, cash is still needed for many places.
  • Uber is very affordable and practical for getting around Taipei. Avoid rush hour as traffic can be painfully slow.
  • I’d suggest a translating app to assist while traveling in Taiwan. English is widely spoken in Taipei but a few phrases in the local language always helps.
  • I would recommend a minimum of 4 nights if you plan to do a day trip at least once. The city is big, with plenty to do and eat.
  • If you’re not to sure what to expect in Taiwan, take a lookat this post为什么我就爱上了这个城市。

Taipei Weather

Through looking at the different seasons, I believe the best time to visit Taipei is during the fall. It is cool weather and the least amount of rain.

The summers in Taipei can be hot and humid, so I’d avoid the peak of summer if you don’t love the heat.

The First Timer's Guide to Taipei

Where to Stay in Taipei

  • CHECK inn:Centrally located and footsteps from the MRT, this is a good, well-priced option. It is a young hotel and features a good cafe for breakfast and coffee as well. (this is where I stayed)
  • W Taipei:对于那些寻找一个豪华的经验,这样的设计进酒店是现货。位置优越,美丽的,它是一个高档的住宿。

Browse all Taipei hotels here:


Where to Eat in Taipei

  • Addiction Aquatic Center:Easily some of the best sushi I have ever had, this place is a must. A cash-only sushi bar inside a fish market that is stunning and a great night out in Taipei.
  • Cafe Megane:一个美丽的空间服务难以置信的饭团和其他美食就像花生酱酱的华夫饼!
  • Din Tai Fung:This is a classic and almost on everyone’s list when in Taipei. Dim sum and soup dumplings are a must on a visit to Taipei. Pro-tip: Put your name on the list and head to the top of Taipei 101 before settling for lunch or dinner.
  • Choose me Cafe & Restaurant:Solid cafe for coffee and small plates.
  • Pinecone Restaurant:创新菜在一个美丽的空间,比如Japanese-fried chicken over spaghetti.
  • Aura Pizzeria: Come here for your pizza cravings.
  • Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodles:颇有些不可思议台湾面条和菜的地方(同线)。
  • 永康牛肉面: An iconic dish from Taiwan, beef noodle soup is a staple during a trip.
  • Tamed Fox:Beautiful space with a brunch menu.
  • 冰馆:A must try is Taiwanese shaved ice and this place serves some of the best.

The First Timer's Guide to Taipei

The First Timer's Guide to Taipei

What to Do in Taipei

  • Checkout the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is one of the best things to do in Taipei.
  • Shop and cafe hop down the tree-lined Fujin St.
  • 去台北101的顶部和追赶的看法。时一定要上前把你的名字下来鼎泰丰。
  • 赶上日落的城市从象山。
  • Explore the National Palace Museum to see Chinese art and artifacts.
  • Head to the neighborhood of Ximending where you can shop through multiple merchants and there’s plenty to eat.
  • Hit a night market while in town, like the Shilin Night Market.
  • Take一日游九份.
  • If you’re looking for a great view over the city, be sure to head to Taipei 101.
  • One of my favorite places to visit from Taipei is alsoSun Moon Lake.


The First Timer's Guide to Taipei

The First Timer's Guide to Taipei

The First Timer's Guide to Taipei

The First Timer's Guide to Taipei

*Bon Traveler was welcomed as a guest of Taiwan Tourism Bureau. As always, all opinions are own.

This post was originally shared in November 2017.

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