回想我第一次真正具有挑战性的徒步旅行,it was the 4 Mile Loop up to Glacier Point in Yosemite around five years ago. I showed up in a pair of old Nikes and very unequipped for the grueling climb. From there, my next major hike was in the Dolomites. That time I showed up prepared, did my research and had a wonderful time. At first, the hikes were focused on getting to a viewpoint or perhaps seeking out a photo seen on the internet. Of course, a view isn’t necessarily a bad thing to work towards. But the more and more I pushed myself, the more hiking became more of a mental challenge. A test of my mental strength, that even when I thought I couldn’t go any further, I could.

现在我对徒步旅行的爱是相等的部分——一个男人tal and physical challenge as well as seeking out the great outdoors. My hope is to encourage you to get outdoors and connect with nature. Even if it’s a short hike or a long day hike, or perhaps even a backpacking experience. It is such a wonderful opportunity to disconnect.

Take a look through these tips for hiking as well as what essentials you’ll need for gear.

A Beginner’s Hiking Guide:
Essential Gear + Helpful Tips

A Beginner's Hiking Guide: Essential Gear + Helpful Tips



One of the biggest mistakes I made early on was showing up without doing the proper research. There are so many factors to consider before embarking on a hike. We personally useAll Trails为研究上涨。你甚至可以在网站上找到附近的上涨。

Some of the factors I always look at while researching are:

  • How much time do I need? (considering when it gets dark as well)
  • Is the time of year important? Do I need to consider weather conditions like snow?
  • 什么是仰角增益?
  • Is the trail well-marked?
  • 就像野生动物斑点或风险点存在的东西呢?


#2 Choose The Right Trail For You

Choosing the right trail for yourself will be a combination of the determining factors listed above. I know for myself, I can push to some limits but if there’s any rock-climbing on hikes, that is outside of my comfort level.

It’s good to start with easier trails first and work your way up to more advanced trails as you begin to hike.

#3 Have Offline Trail Maps

I cannot reiterate this part of all tips the most: have the trail saved offline. Whether it is a physical map, Google Maps offline, or my new found love ofGaia GPS。我建议盖亚GPS,因为它是你在一个地方需要,离线保存的一切。

If you’re going to use your phone as your GPS source, I’d highly recommend便携式电池充电器为您的手机。


#4 Hike With a Group or a Friend First

If it’s your first time hiking, you’ll feel much more comfortable hiking with a friend or a group. I still don’t love to hike solo, so this is what I opt for.




Hydration is key prior to a longer (or any length) hike. I try to keep my body as hydrated as possible before a hike so that I can show up prepared physically. When it comes to nourishing my body, for the longer hikes I am very diligent in not drinking the night before and eating properly.

I think you have to sort out what works best for your body and what factors will make you feel good for when you hit the trail.



Other etiquette to know:

  • Give way to faster hikers
  • 上山踏青有通行权

#7 Let Others Know Where You Are


Essential Gear for Hiking





KEEN Terradora II Mid WP Hiking Boot – Women’s

These are the ones I have, the price point is unbeatable at under $150 for hiking boots. I wore them brand new on a 11 mile hike and not a single blister.

热衷探索通风中秋节徒步旅行鞋 - 女子

I do love my KEENs, so I think these would be another great option for summer hikes since they have the ventilation.

丹纳Adrika远足启动A bit more pricier, this boot came highly recommended as a mid-weight boot for almost year-round hiking.




This is probably the part of hiking where I’ll never get into traditional hiking gear. I almost exclusively wear a pair of active leggings or biking shorts with a loose shirt. I’m big on the layer components, but the basics underneath, I keep well, basic.





巴塔哥尼亚羽绒服毛衣背心— I’ll wear this over a thermal and under a down jacket for when it is extra cold and it does the trick.This Nano Puffis also a favorite.

Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket— I personally prefer the Nano puff as I don’t get overly hot in it and can wear layers underneath.

Patagonia R1 Fleece Pullover- 我有这样的一个老版本的耐克,这是一个非常具有可比性。爱有此作为一个额外的层。

巴塔哥尼亚Rainshadow夹克— Always pack a shell for the rainy season, it’s a game changer for when the weather is unpredictable .

Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Vest— Another layer I love for hikes where a jacket is not necessary.

Patagonia Retro Pile Marsupial Pullover- 一个套衫以及一个可爱的选择。



Pacsafe Venturesafe X34L背包— we’ve used this as our day pack for long hikes for years now and love it.

Osprey Packs Daylite 13L Backpack— Osprey is another brand favorite, and if one of us has the large pack, I’ll bring this as well.

水电瓶40盎司宽口棱镜流行水瓶- 水永远是我的头号恐惧,所以我们收拾它了很多。一般在40-60盎司最小的人。

LARQ自清洗水壶— if you have access to running water, this bottle can clean water on the go.

防晒+ Bug的喷雾— the amount of times I wish I would have had these two things on hand is endless. I love All Terrain Bug Spray + All Good Sunscreen.

小吃+食品- 这是所有依赖于你的加息是多久,但我总是建议把额外的蛋白质和您选择的零食。我爱所有EPIC酒吧,将带给蛋白棒+道上混的。

A few safety items to consider

BioLite 200头灯- 如果你的方向出来,未来在黑暗的时候,你将需要其中之一。

Opinel 8号室外刀- 他们是非常方便有和我建议有一个。

Adventure Medical Ultralight & Watertight Series Medical Kit— smart to have in general, I recommend this + a blister kit for your long hikes.


Hiking should be a fun experience for you. Test the waters, and get comfortable with hiking different trails. It’s fun to have a goal in mind or for me, I always enjoy being disconnected. Photography is a big component for me, so I always bring my索尼A7 RIII+24 - 70毫米f / 2.8的透镜as it is really versatile. You can find moreoutdoor photography tips here+all my camera gear here

我很想听听你在哪里爬山今年夏天。我们刚刚完成this epic hike附近猛犸湖,并期待着更多的这个夏天在俄勒冈州和华盛顿州。

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